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The CD: Read Some Reviews
"...Superb vocal harmonies...The musicianship is first-rate and attention to detail and craft are prevalent."
- Billy Block, Music City News, Nashville, TN

"One heck of a fine CD! Tradition with a capital "T"....These guys can flat out play....Strong originals abound."
- Dave Rakich, "Top 10 Albums for 1998," Cleveland Country Magazine, Cleveland, OH

"A pearl of a record!"
- Marc Nolis, Rootstown Music Magazine, Belgium

"In concert, Hillbilly IDOL couldn't be beat...Viva, neo-trad country!"
- Aaron Steinberg, Scene Magazine, Cleveland, OH

"Fair dinkum" (An Australian expression for "unquestionably good or genuine").
- Chris Bolton, Country Music People, London, UK

"The Ohio-based five-man outfit, deliver a marvelous collection of tunes, keeping true to the album's title with a mix of pure country and some uptown tunes."
- Larry Delaney, Country Music News, Canada, October 1998

"The musicianship is top notch, they hit stylistic targets from Bakersfield to Appalachia...the songwriting is strong throughout, a difficult feat considering the spectrum of roots styles that writing members, Moss, Kovac and Huddleston bring to the group."
- Susan M. Clarke, Editor Cornfed, NY, NY, Fall/Winter '98-'99

"The one thing that does immediately catch the ear though is the warmth of the strong harmony vocals...these guys learned their skills on the Everly Brothers and then flipped back a few pages of history to appreciate the Louvin Brothers and Carter Family."
- Kelly Benjamin, The Scene, Cleveland, OH, July 1998

"90's Honky-Tonk...very 'rootsy'...a real gem."
-Gaby Maag, Blue Suede News, Duval, WA, Fall 1998

"Hillbilly IDOL is a group of expert players in love with old country and stringed instruments...what is most striking is the harmony parts that Moss, Huddleston and Kovac are able to work out, often recalling the Everly Brothers."
- Cindy Barber, Editor, The Free Times, Cleveland, OH, July 1998

"Hillbilly IDOL have evolved a relaxed, fluid and utterly disarming blend of Bluegrass, Texas Swing, honky-tonk and country balladry...this informal coalition has achieved an identity of it's own, in which the whole is greater that the individually estimable parts."
- John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX, September 1998

"This five piece ensemble plays stylized hybrid country that includes western swing, bluegrass and Honky-Tonk influences highlighted by superb vocal harmonies. The musicianship of Hillbilly IDOL is first rate and attention to detail and craft are prevalent."
- Billy Block, Music City News, Nashville, TN, April 1999

"This Ohio-based band takes their country music seriously, and they touch just about all bases...the influence of Gram Parsons is evident."
- Bob Cianci, River Reporter, Narrowsburg, NY, March 1999

"honky-tonk punch...fine examples of heart-achin' country music."
- CRLM, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, MD, June/July 1999

"Thanks a million for the CD, I think it is really excellent...the whole of the 13 tracks are really great."
- James Pearson, BBC Radio Shetland, Scotland, April 1999

"Hillbilly IDOL have perfected the old-style Robbie Fulks' brand of smoochy country with wayward fiddle and harmonies a-plenty."
- Dave Henderson, Happenstance, London, U.K., February 1999

"They harmonize very nicely in an Everly's-meet-Buck'n'Don style...Hillbilly IDOL fall firmly in that category which has become known as Insurgent Country, but they also have definite leanings toward a more traditional style of delivery."
- Chris Bolton, Country Music People, London, U.K., February 1999

"What a brilliant album...all great tracks."
- Steve Tidbury, Sapphire Country, Berks, U.K., February 1999

"I was won over by the bright pedal steel guitar of Al Moss, whose Sneaky-Pete style will make Byrds fans stand up and take notice."
- Susan M. Clarke, Editor Cornfed, NY, NY, Fall/Winter '98-'99

"This is the style of music one would have heard back in the fifties from the likes of the Louvin Brothers and Hank Williams and other artists of the period. With three lead singers we are treated to a collection of solos, duets and trios. The harmonies are a joy. Simply a blend of country, bluegrass, honky-tonk and Western swing, in other words, American roots music."
- Richard Kirk, Top 10 Country Albums for 1998, Country Music Round-Up, London, U.K., January 1999

"The five-man group specializes in tunes that feature harmonies inspired by The Louvin Brothers, The Everlys and The Wilburns. A Moss original, By Now, makes the connection between the early country harmony duos and The Beatles' pop update of the sound."
- Jay Orr, The Nashville Tennessean, February 1999

"A blend of Bluegrass, Swing, Honky-Tonk, and ballads that sound old timey but with a modern touch to them. If you are a fan of the steel guitar, this is for you. Great song selections make you want to wander up to the bar and have a whisky. The harmony vocals are a delight throughout the CD and the musicians definitely know their craft."
- M.N., Midwest Music Review, May 1999

"Down-home Americana roots-rock blend."
- Editor, Spot Magazine, Cleveland, OH, Febuary 1999

"Austin, Texas: Hillbilly IDOL fills the dance floor at the Broken Spoke, a true Texas Honky-Tonk...the Northeast Ohio quintet entertains the crowd with its catchy mixture of country, swing and bluegrass."
- Glen Gamboa, Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, OH, March 1999

"Cleveland's Hillbilly IDOL made sure that no alt slipped into their country...in concert, Hillbilly IDOL couldn't be beat. Garth Brooks knows not the apocalypse he hath wrought. Praise be to foot soldiers of the revolution. Viva, neo-trad country!"
- Aaron Steinberg, Concert review w/Stacey Earle, Scene, Cleveland, OH, March 1999

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